They say if your dreams don't scare you, then they aren't big enough. Well, let me just tell you that I am scared to death BUT the excitement far outweighs the fear!  
It's happening ~ the storefront is just about ready to open. We are thinking within the next 3-4 weeks! Inventory is on it's way! 
We will be offering everything from balloons, paper party goods, party favors, unique gifts, bulk candy, coffee and every baked good you can imagine~cookies, squares, cupcakes, parfaits, cheesecakes, tarts, whoopie pies, cream puffs......and the list goes on!
I obviously love what I do and am so excited about all of the products that will be available to you. 
I can't wait to get the doors open and share it all with you!    

About five months ago, this is the space that was looked at for a potential cupcake and party shop. Great space, great location and a great couple (aka landlords) that allowed us to lease it. 
(My kiddos checking out the space. Josh, my brother in law, helping us start the construction AND he did all of my wiring) 
Lots of hard work later, I am going forward as the sole owner of this wonderful space! I decided to go back to Laugh loud Smile big because one~my daughter came up with the name on her birthday, two years ago when I started my whole online party goods gig and two~because I love it!  I have worked to grow this name and I look forward to seeing where it goes from here! 
I would be wrong in saying I am the 'sole' owner ~ we'll call it family owned. Both in dollars invested and sweat equity. The kids have been wonderful through this whole process as they have truly spent hundreds of hours hanging out while 
Mom and Dad work. 
But the hard work, late nights and lack of weekends has truly paid off! That former tae kwan do studio sure does look good in pink and black! 

Our close family friend, John, has been such a blessing through this whole process! My husband, Scott, fell this winter and dislocated his elbow. John spent weekends on our sofa after long weeks at work as an engineer. 
He helped finish off the kitchen, build the counter, the center display and so much more. I am forever grateful! 
It's pictures like these, Jacob asking asking a million questions as John works, that make it mean even more! 
 Scott, with the help of John and Josh.....has done an amazing job! 
Between his, Josh's and John's hard work, the kitchen was approved and ready to produce some deliciousness!! 

(is that a word? if not, it will be after you visit our shop!)

It's time to get busy baking and creating! 

Be sure to follow us on facebook for all of the updates on our opening date, giveaways, daily dessert menu and free goodies! 


.......because life IS a sweet celebration........