Baby Rollins' Dr. Seuss Baby Shower

When I met with Sherry, the Grammy-to-Be, a few months ago, at the diner ~ yes, the diner has become 'the meeting spot' til the shop is ready ~ I thought we might talk about a banner and a few toppers! 
As she pulled out her computer and notes, I knew this shower was going to be amazing! She showed me all the pictures and sites she had bookmarked on Etsy, Pinterest & Google.  Sherry, Trina, the other Grammy-to-Be, Briana & Claire, the Aunts-to-Be had been busy planning away!
The theme is such a great one ~ immediately puts a smile on your face! And there is so much inspiration and so many possibilities! And believe me, these families had thought of it all! 
After our meeting and determining how I might fit into their grand plan, all I saw was red, white and Dr. Seuss blue! 
My job was simple ~  a banner, a few balloons and some desserts! The rest was under control! 

Sherry told me she would send me a few pictures of the things they were working on. 
I received a picture of this amazing diaper cake that Trina had made!  
I was in awe!  Awesome, right?
Then I received this picture text of the gerber daisy centerpieces Sherry and her daughter, Briana were working on!  This picture does not do them justice ~ they were so vibrant! Brightened up the entire room! 
They thought of every detail ~ look who was at the door to greet everyone! (Did I mention that Lacey is a school teacher? Think her classroom is going to think she won the Dr. Seuss lottery!) 
 And upon entering, the guests were greeted with a diaper lottery, guest book and the incredible diaper cakes/creations. If the guests wanted to enter a diaper drawing, they brought a pack of diapers and had the chance to win a $50 gift certificate to the Waterfront, a local restaurant. I love this idea!
And I just have to include a back shot of the Horton Motorcycle diaper cake by Claire.  These diaper creations were amazing!!
Lily, Lacey's little sister, Aunt-to-Be, was quite the helper....between the balloons and coordinating the cotton candy, gumballs and licorice...she was the best! 

They had planned on a food table and a dessert table so we kept the desserts simple ~ pretzels, cake pops, marshmallow pops, cream puffs and some candy! 
Ohhh, but the cake was not simple ~ check this out ~ a close family friend, Pam Burgess, made this great centerpiece for the dessert table!
As I started working on tags/labels for the table, I remembered Sherry mentioning that Lacey & Jake, (Mom & Dad-toBe) were keeping their baby boy's name a surprise. The whole family all had their own names for him ~ Fabio, Rico, Owen, Hudson, PBR (Paul Bunyon Rollins).... ~ I thought it might be fun to include that bit of fun on the toppers! 

Briana helped me with some fun names for the desserts. They fit perfectly! 

And Trina did an amazing job with the food table and all of the fun play on names!  
Mom to Be was completely surprised! They got her there on the premise of a wrestling banquet for the superstar Uncle-to-Be wrestling coach. Jake, Daddy-to-Be, brought Lacey to the shower ~ look at her reaction!  
Did I mention, these families had covered every detail? The most amazing little brother, Evan, agreed to be the Cat in the Hat and surprise everyone in the middle of the shower! I hear he was a huge hit! 

Of course, the Cat in the Hat had to try the green eggs! 

Trina made this awesome wrestling teddy bear for Baby Rollins! 

Baby Rollins' Mom and Dad 

You can tell by all of the smiles that it was amazing day with family and friends and wonderful memories were created! 
It is so much fun to be a part of such a wonderful celebration!