Sponge Balls ~ DIY

I saw this fun idea on One Charming Party's blog. And knowing that a few friends had pool parties in the planning stages, of course, I had to run out, pick up some sponges and try it!  
Initially, I picked up the more dense sponges like what was shown in the tutorial (on right). There were lots of colors to choose from and looked great...til they dried out, became hard and didn't keep the shape.  When I looked at it after a few days, I thought there had to be another option as I knew some would be part of favor bags and have to be dry. (If you are making them for play at home or can dampen them for presentation at a party, then the more dense definitely have more color options for you.) 
I was then on a mad search to find the lower density sponges that would look pretty when dry but still add lots of color to the party. Little did I know, that unless they have the bright polka dotted or striped scouring pad on the top, then it is very difficult to find many color options! I am sure the manufacturers weren't thinking 'Sponge Balls' and pool parties when producing them!

I followed One Charming Party's DIY tutorial. I cut three sponges in half, then in half again, creating 4 pieces. Then twist them as tight as you can (yes, I have assistance~ones twists, one ties). You can use dental floss, as suggested. I used a thin gauge flexible wire, twisted tightly and ends hidden. I wanted to be sure it held together...as I can imagine a bunch of 5-10 year olds putting them to the test! I didn't want one falling apart when it hits its target!
I cut my strips ahead and that way I was able to mix and match and have as much color possible in each sponge ball!!
Just wanted to re-share this idea with all of you planning pool parties, end of year/summer parties or even great to make up a few one summer afternoon for a surprise water fight with the kiddos!! 
I look forward to sharing pictures of these sponge balls in use, very soon!!! 
Bring on the Summer Parties!