Lemonade for Sale!

Shauna has dreamt about, and drawn out plans for, a lemonade stand for over two years! We have always promised her she could have one but I was a bit nervous about putting it in our driveway due to summer traffic and our location. So when Shauna mentioned she would like to have a stand at Grammy's house in Florida, I handed her the phone to call and ask Gram what she thought! You can see the results!  
When we arrived at Grammy's, Shauna made up this sign for the scooter. We thought she wanted her little brother, Jake, to ride it around the block and advertise....Nope! She wanted her Dad to!! We told her that should bring lots of people back to the house...a 6'7" man riding a little scooter, advertising lemonade sales! (lots of people with blue lights on their cars) 
Shauna enlisted the help of Jake and Grammy in making her goodies for her stand. Of course, you have to serve cookies, cupcakes, brownie bites and snacks, right?!?  
She couldn't have been more excited to set up her stand! Shauna opened her stand on Good Friday so she wanted to include Easter goodies! 
Before we left Maine, we had printed out the banner, bottle wraps and cupcake toppers from the Easter Bunny Collection from Tweedle Dee Designs and also printed out the menu labels and made cupcake wraps from the amazing Operation Shower Easter Set from Shindig Parties to Go
 Grammy was Shauna's first 'real' customer. Think she left her with a pretty large tip!  
Shauna kept telling us all week that she would have 'crowds' of people....well, she was right!  The Schulers stopped by and Ron Norris, who built the flower cart for mom, stopped by to check things out ~ never imagining the cart might be used as a lemonade stand!  Many friends and neighbors stopped by, even the  guy cutting trees in the neighborhood! And many of those friends stayed for what turned into an after-lemonade-stand-pool-party. 
Shauna's Lemonade Stand was a huge success...not so much for the money she made($115.25 to be exact)but the wonderful memories she created! To be able to bring her dream and visions to life....she had so much fun preparing for her big opening!  She awoke the morning of with a huge smile that didn't disappear til her eyes closed that evening!! I call that 'success'!