Dr. Suess' Birthday ~ a day of gratitude

 Dr. Seuss & gratitude?  Let me explain... 
Eight years ago, Shauna was born healthy but within 24 hrs had a very high temperature/infection. After doing a spinal and other tests at the local hospital with no results, they ambulanced her to the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital at Maine Medical Center. You can imagine ~ new mom...lots of hormones/emotions swirling...watching my new baby girl in her little cage hooked up to iv's. And as I lay in bed looking out into the hallway, I saw the children walking the halls with their iv poles. Or as I walked to get coffee and passed by rooms, I saw the children...many with no hair from chemo, very ill laying in their beds.
 After a few more spinals and other tests, it was determined that they could not figure out what was wrong with Shauna but that she was on her way to good health... as long as we stayed hooked up to antibiotics for 14 days. I was thrilled...but...feeling a bit guilty as I saw the emotions in each room of these very sick children...they were not getting the same news. 
While we were there, on March 2, we were invited to join all the kids on the floor for a celebration of Dr. Seuss' birthday!  The Cat in the Hat would be visiting  and people in the community had come in to read Dr. Seuss books and celebrate with a cake. 
And as I sat there with Shauna hooked up to her little iv pole, I looked around the room, knowing that many of those children may not leave the hospital and many had long hard fights ahead of them. 
But at that moment, all I saw around me was huge smiles and laughter. It was so heartwarming! That's what celebrations all are about...the moments and the memories! 
Not that I need much to make me appreciate all that I have but each year around this time, images of that crazy cat with the red and white hat always remind me that I am truly blessed!!