Cupcakes? Pudding? Smoothies? Oh, what to do with the push pops....

So this is what my daughter received in the mail yesterday! She had seen lots of pictures on the blogs and asked if I would order some for her. Not a tough request ~ I love ordering fun goodies!  
As you can imagine, I was thinking that it might be some of these ideas that she wanted to try...
 The adorable Peeps mini cupcake ones by Love from the Oven
 Yummy Cake Shooters (patent pending) from Sprinkles

 Oh no, this is what she had in mind the whole time......liquids!! For some reason, my kiddos love experimenting with anything that involves the freezer and liquid!! I open up our freezer and see all different colors in the ice box (no worries, we don't use it for drinks..we learned quickly that the ice bin is used for science experiments only!) 
And when Shauna spotted the push ups on line, she knew she had found the perfect container!
So, instead of making those adorable and yummy treats this weekend, I am prepared to find my kitchen being used as a science lab (not far off from when I cook dinner each evening! lol) 
I have printed out this great list of 50+ Homemade Popsicle Recipes
After we clean up our mess, we'll let you know how they turned out!