CAKE POP ICE CREAM CONES ~ my new favorite for a dessert bar

I  have to be honest, I hate making cake pops! I make a huge mess...they fall off the stick into the chocolate, they fall apart when I am trying to scoop them out...just a mess! So much so, that last week after making hamburger cupcakes (great tutorial) with the kids, we made up some cake balls and after 'trying' a few pops, I just left the balls in the freezer. I was over it. (yes, it might be because I see all of the gorgeous Bakerella-type pops on the blogs and that is my goal that I am far under-achieving!)
A few days ago, as I was looking at pictures of a beautiful baby shower on Custom Candy Buffet's facebook page, I noticed a cake ball in a mini sugar was gorgeous and sweet for a dessert buffet. I immediately thought of the frozen cake balls and thought maybe I could handle a cone better than a stick!
I knew my chances of finding mini sugar cones around here was slim but thought I might be able to find some regular kid cones (bonus~they will stand on their own on a dessert buffet). I grabbed a bag of the Wilton candy chips, some sprinkles...and the frozen cake balls.....and look what I made! 
I wasn't going to take any chances of dropping the ball in the chocolate, so I dipped the cones in enough to cover the rim. Then I dipped the bottom of the cake ball, enough so that it would help adhere to the cone.  I let them harden, then dipped the whole cone in, enough to cover the cake.
YAY ME!!! Nothing fell apart and they came out so cute! The kids are hooked up with a fun after school snack today! 
I have a big baby shower coming up soon, I may have to experiment a bit with pink, white and green 'ice cream'.  
There are so many possibilities ~ elegant like the ones I mentioned above, Bakerella's version (here) or just plain, simple and cute, like these! 
I think they will be lots of fun on a dessert table!