ALL Moms have these items in 'their room', right?

I had to laugh to myself when Shauna had her 7 year old friend over after school last week. I was working on the computer and they walked into 'my room' (yes, I would love to call it my studio but it has come to be known as Mom's Room). You should have seen her eyes! She took in everything on every shelf and on the way out she couldn't help but touch the balloons. She looked at Shauna and asked "Did you see these balloons?" Shauna replied "Yep, what do you want for a snack?" It made me realize that maybe all moms don't have a room like me!
You never know when you might want to throw an ice cream party....or perhaps, have the best princess dessert table ever!
And can you not pick up the cool candy when you see it??
Garden parties? Little watering cans are a must have....especially when you see them on Pottery Barn have to grab at least 10 to keep in stock!
Balloons! Every family should have a balloon stash. I have to admit that Shauna has asked her Dad many a night to stop at the store on the way home and pick up balloons...since she was maybe 3. Now that she has access to them daily...she doesn't touch them!
I don't even need to explain this one....
Let me just tell you that this little collection came in handy when Jake was in pre-school. They had a Bug Field Trip and didn't have nets...I asked how many and what color...Jake was a star. He took in 12 nets for all the kids to use and take home! My husband did look at me and ask why I just happened to have that many bug nets just hanging around!
And these...can't really explain these...but they look fun, right?!
It's so funny when you realize your norm is not the same as everyone else's. And I wonder, do my kiddos walk into their friends' homes and wonder where all the props are?