What do we do with the boys?

What fun is life if you are not planning a party....or three?! Our answer to "What do we do with the boys for Shauna's Summer Fairy Party?" has been answered. You don't invite them ~ let them have their own party!
As I said in my previous post, we were supposed to be in Florida in the next few weeks where I would be attending a Tiki/Pirate themed party. I had purchased a treasure chest, coins, and beads....even edible metallic gold flakes to decorate cupcakes. When plans changed, I started to put those items away and then I remembered that just about four years ago Pottery Barn Kids was having a great sale on....you guessed it...Pirate Party items. I purchased invites, placemats, a treasure map table cloth and a Pirate Party banner! I had no idea when I would be having this party since my son was only 1 year old, at the time, but I knew I would someday! Check out our stash ~
I love making my own invitations but I just can't beat these...the pirate ship 'sails' across the treasure map! And the big pirate ship thank you's are great.
How excited was I, in my search for further inspiration, to find such a great party via a feature on A Few of My Favorite Things. I found this party for 2 year old twins! Incredibly creative! http://www.erinandaaron.com/2009/05/owen-and-masons-2nd-birthday-pirate.html