What a crazy week.....

What a crazy, busy week! Shauna and Jake were both home for their Spring Vacation so they really enjoyed making their own set of paper goodies...pictures, menus, invitations! They had a blast and lots to show Dad when he came home each evening.
I had a productive week, as well! (Even if my camera broke and my Photoshop program was somehow 'corrupted'!) I worked on putting together five full sets of invitations. My packaging had arrived and I was very excited about putting them all together. Also had a chance to finish up spa and gardening gift buckets and some notecards. Quite productive and all over the place!
Check out some of the invitation packages that we did complete this week! And, as always, I can do anything custom that you can dream up! I am working on a BUG Birthday Party for a five year old in NC right now! FUN!