Shauna's Sweet Shoppe ~ 7th Birthday

Shauna and I had so much fun planning for this party! She loves to bake ~ she would watch Food Network 24/7 if she could! She wanted her party to have something to do with cooking and I had been dying to use my cooking stamp that I had purchased a year earlier. This is what we came up with!

These are the bottles of 'champagne' that started a whole new adventure for us...Shauna's toast on her 7th birthday, with her 'champagne' was "Laugh loud, smile big"....that's a whole other blog!

There is a story behind the worries, we did not order that from a professional. As I said, Shauna is a Food Network junkie so she issued a Cake Challenge for her Dad and I and whoever won got to have their cake displayed at her party. Considering neither of us had ever played with fondant, we were quite proud of our lopsided creations! Dad won but I got to display mine because it matched better! lol
I think Shauna and Jake were most excited that I filled the wall sconces with pink marshmallows!
The girls decorated their own cupcakes and then had bakery boxes to take all of their goodies home.
Since Shauna wanted it to have a bakery feel, we set up small tables for the girls to eat the goodies. As you can see I made good use of the fabric I had planned on make each of the girls aprons with! I made table runners and window valances!

I do believe Shauna had the bakery experience she was hoping for!