It's Time.........

I do believe it's time to 'go public' with this blogging thing! I have spent the last few hours uploading some of my pictures of past parties. I was reminded of a few that I had forgetten about and will look for those tomorrow.

As I have said, I am hoping that you will enjoy this as much as I enjoy looking at and getting ideas from others. It will also be fun to share with everyone ~ all of those that may not be on facebook...Mom. :-)

Beyond working on invitation sets for The Playroom, the kids and I look forward to a Spring and Summer filled with party planning and fun get togethers. Jake is planning a Pirate Party (he has a lot to use since Mommy is not able to make it to her Tiki Pirate Party in West Palm Beach. Jake receives all the props not being sent down.) on the shore and Shauna is planning a Fairy Garden party in the woods! And of course, we can not forget Dad's Baseball Birthday Party in a few weeks...Shauna was writing out her To-Do List and Menu this evening!

Thank you to the many blogs I visit daily~ and I will be sharing all of my favorites with you ~ that have inspired me to get over my own nervousness and actually share with all of you.