Inspiration for Baseball Party

Originally, the kids and I were going to be in Florida over Scott's (my husband's) birthday but plans have changed and we will now be in town. It took us about two minutes to come up with the theme for his birthday cook out! BASEBALL!! After deciding that we will be doing a baseball themed get together for Scott's birthday in TEN days, the kids and I rounded up all of our baseball props and goodies to get us started in our planning! Think we are off to a great start!
Jake did pick out some baseball cards and popcorn holders at the Dollar Store.
Then imagine how happy I was to get on the computer and look for some inspiration and see this great baseball themed party featured on Simply Stunning Ideas. Cracker Jacks are a must! And I love the peanuts-as-decorations idea.

Shauna has also designed a cotton candy holder ~wait until you see the pictures! She has made cones out of red, white and blue cardstock, then cut circles in a piece of cardboard to hold the cones full of cotton candy. She then tied a string in it so that she can hang it off her neck-like they do in the stadium! Love her creative little mind!